Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club in rehearsal Thursday July 11 2013

last chance at Dancing On The Edge tonight.

The Nijinksy Gibber Jazz Club is currently engaged in a process we call Public Research. 

One more chance to catch us –  9pm Saturday July 13,  at the Firehall Theatre appearing as part of Vancouver’s own 25th annual Dancing On The Edge Festival 2013.  FOR TICKETS go here.


motion:  Billy Marchenski,  Amber Funk Barton,   Darcy McMurray,   sound: Stefan Smulovitz talk:Barbara Adler.


Did you see it last night?

Never the same twice.

Only gets better.

Come again.

“The old people come up to me and ask, ‘Why don’t you play the way you used to?’ I say to them, ‘Tell me how I used to.'”

Miles Davis