What is XXI?

XXI:   a collaborative pedagogical experiment


 “My idea is this: some teachers come together for a few hours the week before WOW, and together, come up with a score for a class, to jam / nerd out on movement, our own and each others’, talk about teaching, then do it.  When I pitched this to Jennifer, she said it might be a class based on no assumptions. I love that.”

Alexa Mardon



A group of teachers, excited to teach and grow their teaching practices convene. They explore problems, practice teaching, and question training, pedagogy and assumption. They look at shifting established power dynamics and democratizing the dance class. They invite questions. Together they draft a class structure, through which to compare and contrast their instincts, approaches and effects.


The first of such experiments will be formalized in WOW 2018 as a morning class taught by a different teacher daily from 9:30-11:30. They take these classes, follow them by a discussion with class participants, and at each day’s end, gather to further the discourse with fresh questions, observations, ideas.


XXI is an on-going group conversation about what professional dance training means.

The following artists are part of the conversation:  Alexa Mardon, Francesca Frewer,   Rianne Svelnis,  Daisy Thompson,  Lexi Vajda and  Emmalena Frederiksson.