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Here you’ll find on-going discussion of training and  improvisation.   From time to time we also post profiles of collaborating artists and items on our activities and the ideas underlying them. 

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Here’s a jumpstart:   This August, four participants in our annual training intensive Way Out West generously agreed to blog about it.  Each posted their daily reflections of a week studying experiential anatomy and applying their discoveries to technique, improvisation, performance and yoga.  To meet the contributors, click  here. 

  • click here  to read Ashley Johnson:   “I’m constantly reminded that the ability to internally sense is a skill that improves with practice.”
  • click here  to read Jennifer Hamman:  “As long as my body is alive, there will be constant movement inside me as different fluid systems travel their intricate pathways.”
  • click here   to read Rianne Svelnis:   “How do we train the imagination?”
  •  click here   to read Elysse Cheadle:    “Different character bodies and intentions bubble to the surface with each new fluid system exploration.”

The Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club, the company’s improvisational arm, has been performing in unexpected and varied locations since last December.  The next glimpse is at WORD ON THE STREET FESTIVAL, a free community event celebrating literacy on September 29th.  We’ll also be on hand at DANCE IN VANCOUVER on November 22nd.  Hope you’ll join us.

Audience members report that viewing is greatly enhanced by repeated sightings over the course of the process. As the ensemble develops, discoveries are made, scores are refined.  So join us soon, and join us often!

Meet the artists:  Barbara Adler / words ; Stefan Smulovitz / soundDarcy McMurray, Amber Funk Barton, Billy Marchenski, Justine Chambers,  / motion;   Jennifer Mascall/direction;   Sebnem Ozpeta/visuals.   Listen in on some collected fragments of conversations about improvisation between Jennifer and some Nijinsky Jazz Club artists during July 2013.  

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