Way Out West: Ruth Zaporah

Way Out West is coming from August 22nd to 29th, 2010, and its been a very exciting time at Mascall Dance. Now we are getting the word out, so that everyone else can be as excited as we are. Susan Elliott, Day Helesic, Rob Kitsos, and Su-Feh Lee make up our Vancouver teaching team alongside our very own Jennifer Mascall and this year we hosting master instructor, performer and improvisor Ruth Zaporah.

Ruth Zaporah is the creator of Action Theatre. She first entered the studio at the age of 3, and over six decades later continues to practice dance, improvisation and movement. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ruth runs a teaching program in Action Theatre and the innovative field of physical theatre improvisation. She has taught in refugee camps in Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo and Sarajevo, and is recipient of many awards including the National Endowment Choreography Fellowship and a Sustained Achievement Award from the San Francisco Bay Area Dance Association. A frequent contributor to Contact Quarterly she is the authour of Action Theatre: The Improvisation of Presence. www.actiontheater.com

Action Theatre addresses and expands the vocabularies of expression including: movement, vocalization and speech. Isolating the components of action – time, space, shape and energy – so that they can be examined, and experienced. Students increase their expression and recover their own personal material, using the tools of Action Theatre to explore composition, performance and presence. This year for WOW, Ruth will be teaching a class called A Splendid Moment , exploring the present moment through the Action Theatre Practice. Through awareness exercises, play, relationship, stillness and silence, the present moment is heightened, and strengthened as are the roots and tools of expression.

We are so lucky to have Ruth bring her years of experience to WOW, and to Vancouver. Come experience her at WOW, its going to be a splendid time for all.

For more info on WOW, classes, registration, Ruth or any of the other instructors at Way Out West visit our website www.mascalldance.ca or email wowclasses@gmail.com