The Outliner:  a chamber evening of solo works

The Outliner: a chamber evening of solo works

THE OUTLINER is a chamber evening of solo works. Each involves a costume designed to convey sculptural and architectural possibilities in space. The dancer both wears and interacts with the garment. Dancer and costume trace lines and volumes not previously delineated in space. The dance becomes a partnership in rendering the invisible visible. 


Large deciduous branches extend dancer Gilbert Small’s powerful arms and back. Gnarled, intricate and above all mutable, the branches become antler, forest, and sensory antennae in this study of balance, creatureliness and transformation. Kaspar, originally created and performed by Jennifer Mascall, was toured extensively and expanded to a quartet more than three decades ago. The choreographer applies her present perspective to the work.



Catherine Hahn’s costume design provokes a spacial language of arcs, tapering and slicing the environment in this study of transformation as, with care, dancer Elissa Hanson prepares.


In the most recent of the solo collection, designer Nathan Wiens has created a wooden dress, donned by Robin Poitras. Her encounter with – and within – the spiraling wood generates a trove of archetypal shapes. Poitras is an acute and deliberate figure transforming empty space, casting a chain of after-images in her snail-like wake.



A vast, prehensile vertebrae of spines and sticks juts randomly into the air from a jacket worn by Renee Sigouin. The encounter etches a language of lines into the space. Images tumble in gusts and dissolve as we glimpse them: among the facets are glimpses of flight, display, shelter, and primordial creatures. Designed by Susan Berganzi in close collaboration with the choreographer, the dance premiered in 1992 at the National Arts Centre, Canada. Elliot Neck has evolved the current design from the original. The solo encompasses decades of study by Jennifer Mascall on lines in space.


THE OUTLINER poster Jun 20 10PM