Stefan Smulovitz on composing THE OUTLINER

Stefan Smulovitz on composing THE OUTLINER

MASCALLDANCE in association with DANCING ON THE EDGE 2016 present:
T H E   O U T L I N E R
1130 Jervis
8PM July 6
7PM + 9PM July 7-9


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Stefan Smulovitz is a frequent MascallDance collaborator, most recently creating the sound score for  T H E   O U T L I N E R and for MascallDance’s previous full-length work, The Three Cornered Hat, in which he also performed. Award-winning technologist, composer, violist, and laptop artist Stefan Smulovitz has performed with leading improvisers around the world and created more than 50 live film scores. He is one of Canada’s most in demand composers for dance and is recognized for his groundbreaking interactive work with Radix Theatre. Kenaxis — Stefan’s game-changing music software — is used around the world and his Mad Scientist Machine LED light cueing system has opened new possibilities for global collaborations. Recently Stefan travelled to Bhutan to collect sounds and create a score for the award-winning documentary “Power of the River”.

105billy                 Billy Marchenski, Stefan Smulovitz   –   Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club

When I work with Jennifer, I come to the exchange happy to generate a lot of material without attachment.  This opens our conversation.  When something inspires, clicks for us, I keep working, to craft, shape, change, and remain open to discarding it and moving in a totally different direction –  in pursuit of the ineffable thing Jennifer is after. It’s mutual.  Jennifer does this too.

To move, respond, adapt, offer and respond to the other’s offerings –  we both have a strong improvisational background. I’ve improvised extensively with Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club and performed live in The Three Cornered Hat. That all adds a fluency and nuance to the collaboration.

It can be a strange conversation going on, but there’s a willingness and ultimately, I think, an aesthetic intimacy.  I’ve made some pretty strange scores – and wild curveballs aren’t so out of the ordinary  – “ok let’s do it as a country tune”…!   It wouldn’t work if I resisted these, but Jennifer and I share an affinity for that kind of thinking.

O   STEFAN 1         Stefan Smulovitz, Chris Wright, Lara Barclay    The Three Cornered Hat (2015)

Graft was performed by several different soloists with its score during 2015; this Saturday night Ron Stewart performs it in Ottawa at the Canada Dance Festival.  I’m happy with it as it stands – each performer – Renee Sigouin, Ron Stewart, Molly McDermott –  brings a different edge to it.  Renee Sigouin dances it in T H E   O U T L I N E R  and she has worked with the score a lot.

Profilo Eterno was scored (during a process with Sara Coffin, Mocean Dance) and performed in Halifax.  Again, very different quality with each performer – at the Vancouver premiere Elissa Hanson performs.  Kaspar has also been scored – it’s more of a state – but new dynamics  are emerging with Gilbert Small.  Jennifer and I are developing the other elements of the work.

Meanwhile, be sure to catch Stefan live with Rob Kitsos’ new work for Modus Operandi on June 17 and 18th, and again with Kokoro Dance on June 25th.

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THE OUTLINER Jun 17 2016 2pm