Unknown#4bcAn hour yesterday, watching  The White Spider rehearsal, a wrap up with Julia Barrick Taffe.  Sasha and Julia were  using the set as reference to talk through safety and dynamic choices for a series of passages.  Watching the macro to micro of this is interesting.  The language is marking with hands – representatives of moves that hang from heights and the topic is shifting balances (no gesture, no line, etc),  referencing, at any given moment,  several different fulcrums.  You’d think video would be how to talk about this, but the truth is, funny,  it’s unwieldy, slow.   Words and bodies are better.

I haven’t seen Julia at work for seven years or so – good seeing her evolving presence.  And Jeff Corness was  stirring the cauldron of music.  The weather has turned a sharp corner into Hallowe’en and winter rains – a transition that  feels right for studio work, lit and warm inside and as always, the MascallDance room is big, full of latent choices).

Upstairs, Chane has set up the camera in a corner of the tiny office for end of day interviews toward  her document  of the work process.  Marina Szijarto has sent poster drafts for discussion –  deliciously cold tones/ dangerous/fantastical/strangely hopeful/ wild with an odd subtle B movie edge /curious -…

As am I, to see what’s coming…Unknown#4a