Meet the Artists:  Bloom 2015 Session 1

Meet the Artists: Bloom 2015 Session 1

BLOOM Session 1 2015 is in now in the studio.  Please join MascallDance in welcoming  the choreographers in residence during this session:    Robert Azevedo, Gemma Crowe, Heather Lamoureux, Myola Pautler, and Chris Gerrard-Pinker, all of whom are working with creative mentor Jennifer Mascall.




Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Gemma Crowe completed her Bachelor of Arts degree Majoring in Dance. Dancing with the SURGE co., choreographing for Annual Alberta Dance Festival and the Fluid Movement Arts Festival fueled her examination of the physical and visual aspects of movement. Completing a scholarship with the Training Society of Vancouver as well as EDAM Dance, the value of Dance as art remains of paramount importance to Crowe as she works in Film. Crowe pursues the study of movement as a practice, as an art form and through the medium of film. Movement is a passion which fuels her engagement with the world around her. ‪#‎mascalldance‬ ‪#‎BLOOM12015‬



Robert J Azevedo is a Vancouver-based emerging performer and creator. Although his interest in the performing arts originated in his hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick, it is in Vancouver where his skills were ultimately refined – first and foremost as a student at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts where he majored in Dance.

Robert’s most recent choreography has been featured at SFU Woodward’s in Ascension (2012), and Ascension 2 (2013). Additionally, he is a co-founder of MAYCE, an emerging contemporary dance collective who have performed for audiences in Vancouver and Seattle.

As a dancer he has most recently worked for Judith Garay and Rob Kitsos, for whom he also served as research assistant on his piece Con-found.
Although Robert’s interests are varied – from dance and theatre performance, to choreography, to stage management and artistic production – he is honoured to be presenting as part of the 2015 Bloom choreographic residency.




Meet Heather Lamoureux, a recent graduate of SFU with a degree in Dance and Business. She has been creating works throughout her stay at SFU, most notably I’ll Decide, a full-length work in which she co-directed.  Heather has been lucky to be given mentorship by Judith Garay, Rob Kitsos, Desiree Dunbar and recently Jennifer Mascall throughout her choreographic exploration.

As a creator her spirit is with the trees as she has a strong affection for nature and its power to influence both day-to-day and art practice. This relationship influences much of her work as she strives to cultivate methods of connection to the earth, self and art. Heather is excited and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this years BLOOM.




We welcome Carol-Ann, our intern during January/February 2015 to MascallDance.

Carol-Ann Bohrn has performed in numerous professional projects within the Winnipeg professional contemporary dance community. Most recently, she has performed as an interpreter for choreographic research projects with independent award-winning choreographers Ming Hon (Summer Institute, Plug In ICA Gallery) and Freya Olafson (Young Lungs Research Series).

She recently performed We Were Here, a trio by Brenna Klaverkamp in the Young Lungs Dance Exchange Performance Series, and in a project with Odette Heyn and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. She has also performed with Alexandra Elliot (When All Is Said, quartet, 2013), and Nina Patel, Artistic Director of The Lime Project (Jurn.e, 2013, and arrivals and departures, a full-length quartet at the Union Train Station, Winnipeg). Carol-Ann graduated from the Professional Program of The School of Contemporary Dancers in 2013.


Stay tuned –  COMING SOON:  Myola Paulter and Chris Gerrard-Pinker