Meet the Artist:    Zahra Shahab

Meet the Artist: Zahra Shahab

BLOOM choreographer-in-residence and  GRAFT Project Animator

A recent graduate of University of Calgary, Zahra re-located to Vancouver in 2015 to continue her contemporary dance training with Modus Operandi.  She has choreographed for The Alberta Dance Festival (Dancers’ Studio West), Alberta Dance Theatre for Young People, Dance Montage (The University of Calgary), MPACT Dance, and The Makeshift Project.

Zahra Shahab’s work often lies at the intersection of visual art and contemporary dance, tracking the shifts between these two ways of experiencing our environment.

Ever wanted to unleash your inner creative director without leaving your couch? Starting on New Year’s Day 2016, Zahra kicks off GRAFT – a new collective dance-making process with MascallDance you’ll want to know about – 

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Learn more about GRAFT, an offshoot of BLOOM animated by Zahra:

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