Meet the Artist: WOW Guest Faculty Linda Rabin

Somatic Lab #15  offers Vancouverites the rare opportunity to study Continuum intensively with LINDA RABIN.


Linda describes Continuum below, as well as here.
Continuum – an inquiry into the movement of life.

Continuum is a unique somatic approach that acknowledges the primacy of the fluid system and the depth of healing that comes when we engage the fluids. At the most intrinsic level of our being, like the ocean, we undulate, pulsate, arc and spiral. We are movement – the movement of water on land.
In Continuum we stimulate our fluid being through a variety of breaths and vocalized sounds. We engage in micro and larger non-patterned fluid movements, and in different relationships to gravity. We practice slowing down and being present to our felt-sensations. A vast and unexpected complexity of movements emerge. We experience movement as what we are and not only as something we do.
How does this practice inform our engagement in dance and our everyday lives? When we slow down and pay attention to our fluid moving nature, we are practicing presence, being in the moment, adaptability, creativity and resonance – essential elements for the art of dance, if not for the art of living.
This practice is a refreshing resource that informs our personal, physical and relational life, our artistic activities and in general, our perception of the world in which we live. It can increase our capacity for easeful movement, reduce our experience of physical limitations and pain, awaken sensuality, spark our creativity and invigorate our overall health and well-being.
Explore the unexplored within.


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Linda Rabin brings to her teaching 50 years of experience in dance, movement education, coaching and directing.

As a Canadian dance pioneer, Linda has contributed to the emergence of several generations of dancers in this country. As a somatic practitioner, she facilitates individuals and professional artists to realize their personal, creative and performance processes.
A graduate of the Juilliard School (BFA in dance, 1967), she worked as rehearsal director and teacher for Israel’s Batsheva Company and with Ballet Rambert in London, England. She taught and choreographed extensively across Canada for many of the country’s major dance companies, professional schools and university dance programs. Her unique perspective on dance was deeply informed by studies in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, in the Alexander technique with Rika Cohen & Katya Michaeli, Pilates with Bob Fitzgerald, Ideokinesis with its creator, Lulu Sweigard, Kinetic Awareness with Elaine Summers, as well as Voice and Theater with Ann Skinner and Richard Pochinko.
The desire to integrate mainstream dance training with creative and personal processes, led Linda with colleague Candace Loubert, to co-found Les ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal (LADMMI) in 1981. LADMMI is one of Canada’s leading professional schools in contemporary dance training. In 2012 the school was renamed L’école de danse contemporaine de Montréal.
Twenty five years ago Linda oriented her focus on Somatic Education. She studied Experiential Anatomy and Infant Developmental Movement Patterns, to become a certified practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®, the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. During that time she discovered Continuum and began intensive studies with founder, Emilie Conrad and with Susan Harper, creator of Continuum Montage. In 2001 Linda was made an authorized teacher of Continuum, and maintained a mentor relationship with Emilie until her passing in May 2014. While Linda draws upon her background in Dance, Theater, Body-Mind Centering® and other Somatic Studies, Continuum dwells at the heart of her practice today.
As an international workshop leader, Linda teaches in her native Montreal, in Canada, Europe, Asia and Israel. Her love for travel, languages and meetings with people of different cultures has brought her to countries around the world. She shares her life passion with people from all walks of life: movement both as art and healing, as a way of life knowledge and spiritual practice.