Meet the artist: Kim Plough


Kimberly Plough

Inspired by their powerful fusion of lighting, music and movement, Kim Plough specializes in stage management for dance and circus arts. Her recent credits are having been the SM for 3 seasons with Ballet BC before leaving to Macao, China to work with the stage management team on the House of Dancing Water,  a world class aquatic circus show. She has also worked Vancouver-based groups such as Plastic Orchid Factory, Machinenoisy, Restless Productions, Moving Dragon, Joe Ink, mmHop, dancersdancing, EDAM, Kinesis, Wen Wei, Lola, Mascall, Henry Daniel and LINK dance companies. Her other credits include 3 years touring as the backstage manager for Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco and a Production Stage Manager for the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad. She is currently teaching Stage and Production Management at SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.


THE OUTLINER poster Jun 20 10PM