Meet the Artist:  Eowynn Enquist

Meet the Artist: Eowynn Enquist

As an emerging dance artist I have experienced a glimpse of this magical world: poetry beyond words, experience without measure, and connection beyond reason.”

–Eowynn Enquist


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Photo:  Erik Zennström 


You are invited to BLOOM, a MascallDance artist residency focussed on choreographic work midway through its’ creation process.  Join us for two Tuesday “tastings” of these works-in-progress:

WHEN    February 20th and 27th, 2018, 
WHERE 1130 Jervis our studio in historic St John’s Church Hall.
TIME       5:30PM

WHAT     Five minute dance samplings are paired with wines selected by  outstanding Vancouver sommelier Lisa Haley  (Vancouver Magazine’s Sommelier of the Year 2017) and a comedic commentary.  

TICKETS at the door: $10 includes wine sampling.


Meet artist in residence Eowynn Enquist:

“My interest is solely derived from movement as a cultivation of energy. My interest expands and flourishes with the control and release of energy from a body, specifically and mindfully shared within its’ atmosphere.  I believe that the magic of dance and movement comes from the inherent knowledge of the body  and its’ relationship to space and matter.

“My dream is to experience, collaborate, and witness bodies that desire to experience (and inevitably manipulate) space and preconceived reality.  Ultimately, the ability for humans to interact with the ethos is where unending possibility of stories can be perceived and experienced by anyone and everyone.”

Eowynn is beyond grateful for the ability to work with artists Ellie Bishop, Daria Mikhaylyuk, Isak Enquist, Matthew Wyliie, and Shion Carter.

Eowynn is a contemporary dance artist currently completing her BFA at Simon Fraser University, where she received SFU’s Amir Alaghband Award in Contemporary Art.  She has had the opportunity to dance professionally with companies such as; Mascall Dance for the Outliner TourWen Wei Dance Company,Dance VictoriaOutlinner Space Dance Theatre, and The Response Dance.  As a student she has been privileged to work with Heather Myers, Vanessa Goodman, Crystal Pite, Gioconda Barbuto, Judith Garay, Rob Kitsos, Emmalina Fredrickson, Lesley Telford, Yaniv Abraham and Guy Shomroni.

BLOOM #1 2018, 5:30 PM Tuesdays Feb 20 and 27, 1130 Jervis, $10  
Contact:, 604 669 9337.