Meet the Artist:   Desi Rekrut

Meet the Artist: Desi Rekrut

“Crystal Pite inspires me to continue to push in originality and detail.”

Desi Rekrut,   BLOOM Artist in Residence


                                                                  Desi Rekrut      Photo:  Michael Slobodian

You are invited to BLOOM, a MascallDance artist residency focussed on choreographic work midway through its’ creation process.  Join us for two Tuesday “tastings” of these works-in-progress:

WHEN    February 20th and 27th, 2018, 
WHERE 1130 Jervis our studio in historic St John’s Church Hall.
TIME       5:30PM

WHAT     Five minute dance samplings are paired with wines selected by  outstanding Vancouver sommelier Lisa Haley  (Vancouver Magazine’s Sommelier of the Year 2017) and a comedic commentary.  

TICKETS at the door: $10 includes wine sampling.

Meet artist in residence Desi Rekrut.

Desi Rekrut BLOOM b

It’s fresh work; but there are thematic  similarities to my past work.   I’m focussed on a quartet and a duet;  I’ve generally tended to use large groups with 8 or more  dancers.   The dances stem from my phrases and material; the dancers and I take ideas and movement and remix variations – and then I edit.

Having a five minute cap is a challenge.  I’ve worked before in 360 (the round) and find it a challenge too.  We’re early in this process;  I’m thinking of audience’s attention in the round, and toying with a set – whereas I was expecting that I’d just want to choreograph.

Desi Rekrut BLOOM

I am interested in exploring, isolating and rerouting gender elements, using costumes and the alienation of dancers (subtracting a singular body). I love drag and am also involved in that world.  I’m really thinking a lot about how to indicate high fashion elements. I like to take the gender out of dance and I use masks, headpieces, sometimes binding – to give a sense that is less human.  I feel odd in dance without knowing why.

Desi rehearsal 3

I work with “dry” movement, I cover the dancers, stripping away personality and character that trigger the audience to see masculine and feminine; then the movement, the dance vocabulary itself comes into a more central position.   Last year I worked with feminine caricature – posing.

What do I want people to get from our work?  I want them to watch and experience as opposed to understand.

An artist I admire:  Crystal Pite inspires me to continue to push in originality and detail.  A major inspiration to me.  Also Sharon Eyal / Lev. I like the un-humanness of her dances. Sidra Bell too – and the importance of (her) sets. I did her module a couple years ago and worked with her improvisation techniques. I also admire the work of Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz – pushing the boundaries of the male body.

BLOOM #1 2018, 5:30 PM Tuesdays Feb 20 and 27, 1130 Jervis, $10
Contact:, 604 669 9337.