MEET THE ARTIST:  Chris Wright


Chris Wright,  members of the NGJC and Jennifer Mascall  present open rehearsal:  The 3 Cornered Hat from  2:30-3:30 on Friday November 22 2013 at the Faris Studio,  The Dance Centre.  Don’t miss it.


                                                                                                         with  Darcy MacMurray

Chris Wright was first introduced to contemporary dance while completing a Kinesiology degree at The University of Western Ontario.

He attributes his love of physicality to an extensive history in competitive sports, and an unwavering obsession with human soft tissue. 218b 

Within the world of elite sport, Chris played for Canada’s Youth National Soccer Team and has sporadically lived out of his truck touring as a semi-pro squash player.

He has worked professionally for various Vancouver-based dance companies, including MascallDance,  EDAM, Machinenoisybattery opera and Dance Corps.276a