Lulu blogs #1

Lulu blogs #1

MascallDance is lucky to have Lulu with us apprenticing with us this spring as part of her studies prior to graduating from The School for Contemporary Dancers Winnipeg.  She will be a regular contributor to TALK during her work with us.    IMG_09982

what is a blog? blogging is hard.


here is a collection of thoughts I’ve had since arriving in Vancouver


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I know  I’ve been in Winnipeg too long when I’m the only person sitting on the deck of the Tsawassen ferry because its too cold for people in BC. To me, being outside is the ability to breathe again. The air here, its unbelievable . And totally taken for granted- I am thankful to have left and come back with newfound appreciation. No thanks to the hills  for my newly found shin splits. It’s okay. It’s worth it.


It’s funny, when it rains you have to navigate everyone’s umbrellas – you have to take special routes so you don’t hit each other.  It’s this funny sidewalk dance as you lean in and out and weave this way and that. In Winnipeg I’ve never noticed an issue where there’s so many people all with umbrellas and all walking with such determination.