GRAFT, our collective creation with Mascall Dance has kicked off with the first rehearsal this week.

Jennifer Mascall entered the studio with a blank slate and two dancers, one that she is very familiar with, and one that she has never worked with before. Through observing and directing the dynamic that the two dancers possessed, Jennifer composed forty seconds of a movement and text as a starting point for the choreography.

Now its your turn:

After watching the material that you see in this short clip, respond with themes, images, and topics for creation that come to mind. What does it remind you of? What were your very first thoughts? Where do you see it going from here? Jennifer will read your responses and integrate them into her next creation rehearsal.

Leave your response in the comment section of this post with your first and last name. Only comments signed with full names and submitted by January 12th will be accepted.


Choreographer Jennifer Mascall

Dancers: Olivia Thorvaldson and Eowynn Huguet

The final work will be presented during the BLOOM 1 series on February 9th, 16th, and 23rd, 2016.

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