Thank you for all of your music ideas!!

Jennifer read your comments and experimented with a variety of music, with the rhythm and melody of the dancer’s voices as they speak, with the dancers responding to the rhythm and texture of the music in different ways, and with silences. All of these suggested experiments have driven the work toward more nuance in its rhythm and relationship with time. The musical suggestions also inspired Jennifer to bring the dancers into a new, revolving relationship with the space as playing with sound inspired landscape for the choreography.


Now its your turn:

after watching the material that you see from week four’s rehearsal, respond with any ideas you have for costume for the performance of the work, what should the dancers wear? Costume provides immediate context for choreography and can transport the viewer into the world of the piece. Jennifer is looking forward to your ideas – whacky, wild, and wonderful!

Leave your response in the comment section of this post with your first and last name by February 14th! Jennifer will read your responses and integrate them into her next creation rehearsal.


Continue this co-creation live by joining us in our Tuesday evening BLOOM showings February 16th, 23rd, and March 1st at 5pm. Contemporary dance creation paired with great wine and comedy at Mascall Dance 1130 Jervis St.

Choreographer Jennifer Mascall and you

Dancers: Olivia Thorvaldson and Eowynn Huguet