Thank you for your suggestions about the choreography’s ending!

Thank you for your suggestions about endings for the work you are creating with Mascall Dance in GRAFT 2016! Magnets attracting and repelling one another, blindfolding, alphabet letters turning into conversation, laughter…Jennifer included all of your suggestions for endings in her week three rehearsal. By aiming towards different endings, the trajectory of the choreography revealed itself in its need for improvisational rawness and spontaneity. Jennifer speaks about how she tasks the dancers and how your suggestions shift the experience of creating the short work.


Now its your turn:

After watching the material that you see from week three’s rehearsal, respond with any ideas you have for music or sound that the work could develop with. Leave your response in the comment section of this post with your first and last name by February 1st!

 Jennifer will read your responses and integrate them into her next creation rehearsal.

Choreographer Jennifer Mascall and you
Dancers: Olivia Thorvaldson and Eowynn Huguet

Continue this co-creation live by joining us in our Tuesday evening BLOOM showings February 16th, 23rd, and March 1st at 5pm.

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