ensemble research  #1

ensemble research #1

Way Out West (WOW) is an annual intensive in Vancouver, offering in-depth somatic study through daily classes based on the exploration of multiple physical systems, including technique,  improvisation, experiential anatomy, performance, and yoga.  WOW 2013  is in session this week, led by MascallDance Artistic Director Jennifer Mascall.   IMGP2135a


What elements would you say are key to how people learn in the classes you teach?




I can’t speak to how people learn in my classes as I’m not the student.   

I myself learn in the classes through the ensemble research.


In experiential anatomy everyone’s experience is taken into consideration,  and that two hour research period pushes                  each of us to the next stage of the understanding we have at the time.   


The questions asked by the beginner lead more experienced students to a different place in their knowledge of the anatomy. 


Join the conversation in the studio at WOW 2013 this week.