Commentary on BLOOM 2017 Toolkit

Commentary on BLOOM 2017 Toolkit

Some things BLOOM 2017 participants said:

The wealth of information shared far exceeded my expectations of the residency.

Teigan Jorgensen


With compassion, Mascall holds the space which choreographers can use to experiment, explore, without judgement or expectation. A rich experience at any stage of choreographic process.”

Damarise Ste Marie



Absolutely infectious – I’ll carry the ripples of Jennifer’s breadth of knowledge and wisdom into future work. I highly recommend the experience.”

Michael Dempsey



I found that it inspired me to share the space with so many creative minds. The Toolkit offered a rare opportunity to learn and exchange in a safe, welcoming context. I came away from BLOOM with a wealth to play with.”

Veronique Emmett


Participating in a day of BLOOM helped me, as both choreographer and dancer, to remain open to change. I find myself emerging with a better grasp of what makes a cohesive, creative dancer/choreographer relationship.”

Helena Colley


Very enlightening in all its’ aspects, the opportunity to both lead and follow, seeing imagined movement take form; so many valuable elements in the toolkit. Thank you!

Ian Wallace.


Featured Photo by s w on Unsplash