About the artists: Susan McKenzie

(2013)  In December 2012, Susan took on the Artistic Directorship of Jumpstart Performance Society.  Visit her at www.susanmckenzie.ca.    A longtime associate of MascallDance,  she works with the company as liaison to the Board of Directors, and sometimes undertakes projects with the company.


(2012) At the moment I’m part of  The Tornado Project with Robin Poitras, Margie Gillis and many wonderful others.  Check out the premiere in Regina at the MacKenzie Art Gallery  Regina 06/ 29 / 2012.    http://www.leaderpost.com/news/Tornado+Project+picks+speed/6081825/story.html   Me?  Danced, choreographed, taught, thought.  Always writing.  Parent.   See 06 / 10/ 1997 entry in perishables.     http:www//leesufeh.blogspot.ca

Here’s Margie Gillis in silk  THE TORNADO PROJECT   Photo:  Jackie Dzuba