About the artists: Jennifer Mascall

Jennifer MascallMascall’s 35 years of experience in dance, performance, improvisation and research provide a huge range of information to those who study with her.  Influential teachers have been Linda Putnam, Judith Koltai, Amelia Itcush, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen,Steve Paxton, Paula Ross,Douglas Dunn,Selma Odom & Merce Cunningham.  Her performance career began as an improviser and rapidly received international attention. Originally co-artistic director of Edam and now artistic director of MascallDance.  Mascall is responsible for an extensive and seminal body of choreographic work.

A central strand of Jennifer Mascall’s 35 year artistic research is the development of a training pedagogy for dance performers, influenced by the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.   As a choreographer, certified BMC® practitioner and yoga instructor, Mascall teaches grounded, in-depth studies in improvisation, anatomy and performance.  The student’s movement practice is developed from a somatic base and supported by a syllabus in improvisational skills.